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Ansel's Awesome Sauce
Contact: Ansel
Address: 1425 Iowa River Road Riverside, IA, 52327
Phone: 319-333-6964
About Us
Ansel's Awesome Sauce is some of the best tasting hot sauce you'll ever have. With a complex and well-balanced flavor, its taste hits the whole palate; salty, spicy, sweet, tangy, and umami. Made for those who love hot sauce, Ansel's Awesome Sauce truly delivers the heat AND flavor.

Hand-crafted in small batches with the roots and fruits of Iowa, Ansel's Awesome Sauce is dedicated to supporting small farms and businesses. Always Iowa made, with Iowa grown ingredients. With such care and attention to ingredients, this delicious hot sauce is sure to become a favorite.
For the production of these hot sauces, I source all of the all-natural ingredients locally, from farmers who are known for grown excellent produce. Ingredients are locally sourced from: Echollective Farm, Wilson's Orchard, Onion Grove Farm, Ebert Honey, Bader Farms.. These ingredients are processed within my state-licensed and FDA-regulated facility, which I personally built from the ground up. The recipes are my own creations, and even the bottle labels were designed by yours truly. These hot sauces are truly handcrafted from the start to finish. From my hands, to yours.