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About Us
Our Mission: Grow unique, heirloom produce and herbs for those that appreciate fresh, healthy and delicious food.
Our Vision: Produce the finest food through ecologically focused and quality driven approaches.
Culinary Gardens specializes in growing a unique variety of high quality, heirloom herbs and produce. We grow unique, colorful and flavorful produce that is not seen in your local produce aisle. The focus is on quality rather than quantity.

At Culinary Gardens, our philosophy is to practice age-old, traditional gardening techniques such as low till, manual broad fork aeration and we use only natural soil amendments, including homemade compost, natural fertilizers and cover crop rotations to promote the development of a nutrient rich soil environment. We never use pesticides or spray. That’s why you may find slight imperfections on our 100% natural produce and herbs.

What sets us apart from other growers? We cater to culinary expert’s wants and needs. We have more than 65 varieties of herbs and produce and will expand specialties based upon requests. Our produce and herbs are handpicked, packaged and conveniently delivered to you for the most timely and freshest product from our culinary garden to your kitchen table.