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Wilson's Orchard & Farm *
Contact: Paul Rasch & Sara Goering
Address: 4823 Dingleberry Rd NE #1 Iowa City, IA, 52240
Phone: 319-354-5651
About Us
Wilson’s is a U-Pick apple orchard located just North of Iowa City. Surrounded by old oak forest, the farm occupies both sides of a valley with Rapid Creek winding through the land. The former owners first fell in love with this ground in 1980 and set to work building an orchard of apples that tasted like apples should. When Paul Rasch and Sara Goering took ownership in 2009, they continued their work of caring for the over 120 varieties planted over the years, all chosen based on one simple criterion: great taste.

Our farming and marketing involve low inputs, low food miles and low carbon emissions, which is way good for us and our community. Plus we have the apple turnovers…