Iowa Farm Fresh Meats
Contact: Jamie Reichert
Address: PO Box 578 West Branch, IA, 52358
Phone: 563-889-0175
About Us
We are a family farm near Tipton, Iowa. We raise grassfed beef (yes, 100% grass ONLY:), Pasture-raised, NON-GMO, antibiotic free pork and chicken, and are currently increasing the ewe flock to 250 mama sheep to serve you pasture-raised lambs as well this year. Myself (Jamie) and three daughters operate a regenerative, sustainable farming operation that encompasses 600 acres of Cedar County. Our mission is to be a bridge between agriculture producers and the lovely consumers that we have the ability to serve. You should expect that we are always implementing our best practices and can explain that to you. Its quite important to feel 100% at ease with your farmers. Thank you for letting us be YOUR FARMERS!!
Healthy Land, Healthy Water, Healthy Air, Healthy Animals and Healthy People. We are accomplishing all of this on our farm and work to improve them all each day by stewarding in such a way that all of these things occur but also improve. We chose to walk away from conventional farming over 10 years ago and haven't looked back. Sustainability isn't even really enough anymore. Regenerative farming practices hold the key to environmental reform. We have successfully implemented systems, such as rotational grazing, birthing along with nature and carbon sequestration with multi-species diversification, in order to create the carbon sink that is our pasture. We spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours each year learning, attending educational events and changing our systems in order to always be improving. We choose to be conscious of the impact that we have on the earth, it's animals, as well as humans around us. And just so you know.....IT'S A BLAST!! And the cows like it too:) We cannot claim the "organic" label, as we don't agree that the standard is stringent enough for our meat, so choose not to participate in that regulatory channel. However, we do want you to ask us questions on your own to be sure that your standards for clean meat are met. It's our customers that we answer to, so therefore you won't be seeing us with outside labels attached to our name. And yes, all of these animals are treated in a humane way. My daughter, Lucy's favorite shirt reads: "I respect the pigness of the pig". That about sums up how we treat these animals.