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Valerie's French Cooking
Contact: Valérie Martin
Address: 1509 Muscatine Ave Iowa City, , 52240
About Us
Artisan French pastries. Catering.
Downtown Iowa City commercial kitchen attached to a historic house: 1509 Muscatine ave in Iowa City.
You can also order through my Facebook page : Valerie’s French Cooking or my website and use the safe no contact pick up on my deck at my place.
I am French , I grew up in Paris and I took my first steps in the kitchen of a chef! Food has always been an important matter in the family as a job as well as a passion. At 15 years old if you had asked me what I wanted for my birthday, a new dress or a dinner in a good restaurant, my choice was always good food! I started my business in Iowa City 6 years ago, my kitchen is attached to my home, I love my job and I love good food. If you order from me you should have an authentic experience of good French food starting with good ingredients. Of course I like to support local producers and I like to use organic ingredients but only if they are good and if I can afford it ! I am increasingly interested in finding new recipes like vegan and vegetarian and I am planning to create a whole new section in my menus about it. Meanwhile come taste my croissants and macarons, you might be surprised by the difference. V
About my croissants: they are handmade, and I am using French and/or European style butter. It is more expensive and it is not a fancy choice to appeal to my customers! The reason being, European style butters contain at least 82% butterfat, it is more than American butters. The result is a much richer taste, and a better texture. Nothing artificial is added to make them flaky, which is often the case in other bakeries. Only good quality butter, flour, and fresh yeast.