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Old Capitol Tofu *
Address: 2319 Heinz Rd Iowa City, IA, 52240
Phone: 641-919-8118
About Us
Welcome to Fresh Tofu! When we started Old Capitol Food Co in 2014 we dedicated ourselves to creating food that connects community and agriculture. Iowans are proud to grow soybeans, but not proud to eat them. We wanted to change that by making a tofu that deserves respect! Where other tofu is made to be cheap and fit into large distribution companies, our tofu is freshly prepared with the highest quality ingredients to elevate everything you thought you knew about tofu. From our handmade process to the soybeans grown right here in Iowa, we are committed to making the absolute best for you and your family. Nothing excites us more than being a part of your dinner table!
- Jake and Matt
Our ingredients are simple: 100% Organic Iowa Grown Soybeans, Reverse Osmosis Water, and Magnesium Chloride. By using the best throughout our handmade process, we make the best!