Cafe del Sol Roasting
Contact: Stephen Dunham
Address: PO Box 2733 Iowa City, IA, 52244
Phone: 319-358-8114
About Us
Since specialty grade coffee does not grow in Iowa, Cafe del Sol Roasting is a roasting shop rather than a farm.
Steve Dunham has been roasting using an 8-lb batch Sivetz fluid-bed air roaster since December, 1988. This design breakthrough, with its accompanying cyclone chaff collection system, produces clean tasting coffee, without the harsh edge present in most coffees (a result of tar, which often occurs in drum-type roasters, coating the beans).
Cafe del Sol roasted in the basement at home for the first few years, and is now located on the south end of Iowa City, in our third commercial location.

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We purchase responsibly sourced beans through a reputable importer. They travel to origin, and work to develop long-term relationships with farmers and co-ops.
CdS has been a Certified Organic Producer and Handler since February, 2003, but we have been roasting Organic coffees since 1991.

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