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Pop Pop's Garden *
Contact: Melinda Turnbull
Address: 411 Goldfinch Cir Tiffin, IA, 52340
Phone: 515-975-6914
About Us
Pop Pop, as he is affectionately known by his grandkids, moved to the Iowa City area in 2017. Having worked on the family farm in SW Iowa and been a lifelong gardener, he desired to try small scale vegetable farming, just as his grandfather had done 100 years ago. He joined a group of diverse, enthusiast farmers in leasing land at the old Johnson County Poor Farm in 2020. It is Pop Pop's hope to not only feed his extended family, but offer healthy, organically grown food to the community both through local farmers' markets and food pantries. All profits are donated to local charities. His goal is to share not only healthy food, but his love and knowledge of food production.