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Skyline Farm *
Contact: Joe & Donna Wisnousky
Address: 1754 Dupont Way N.W. Swisher, IA, 52338
Phone: 319-846-2016
About Us
Skyline Farm sits atop a crest overlooking the Coralville Reservoir outside of Swisher. The land is a rich source for growing luscious natural: blueberries, red raspberries, golden raspberries, red currants, chokecherries, concord grapes, elderberries, rhubarb and jalapeno peppers. From the berries has come the fruit for jam and jellies. 80% of the fruit for our jam/jellies we grow or obtain locally. We are proud of the rich flavor in our jam and jellies.
Each year additional berries are added increasing berry production. Following GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) the berry field is enclosed to prevent animal contamination.