Alpaca Fiber Arts LLC
Contact: Marilee Feldman
Address: 1276 Ivanhoe Road Mount Vernon, IA, 52314
Email Address:
Phone: 319-929-4318
About Us

Alpacas are my passion--the Alpaca Fiber Arts farm was created around this passion. To support this costs associated with care of these special animals, I use the luxurious alpaca fiber to create hand-made unique products that are both useful and artistic.

Featuring artistic products made from naturally antibacterial, non-allergenic alpaca fiber. Products include uniquely felted soaps, dryer balls, and cat toys and art products including felted art pictures, needle-felted pillows & stuffed toys alpacas. Alpaca yarn-based products are mixed with silk, bamboo, and rose fiber making them wool-free and non-allergenic. Partnered product: Goats-milk lotion and body butter
We offer love and support to alpacas throughout their lifetime. Selection of new additions to the herd is based on personality as well as fiber color and texture. Although breeding is not our focus, we've been known to welcome babies to the herd on occasion. The special-needs rescue animals hold a special place in our hearts, as you will witness if you schedule a visit to our farm. To schedule a farm visit, call Marilee Feldman at 319.929.4318.