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Kroul Farms
Contact: Matt Kroul
City: Solon, IA,
Phone: 319-361-6246
About Us
In 1946, Howard and Elizabeth Kroul married and began raising their five kids on a family farm south of Mount Vernon. They raised corn and soybeans as well as cattle and pigs. Their family values and strong work ethic were instilled in their children and a legacy was born.

Today, Lizzy and Howard’s son, John, and his wife Kaylene, have transformed that farm into a modern marketplace for seasonal produce. They still raise the same traditional Iowa crops and animals as Howard and Lizzy did all those years ago, but have evolved their practices to fit today’s modern, health-conscious consumer. The Kroul family prides themselves on practicing sustainable farming methods, like utilizing cover crops and natural fertilizers. We try to be true stewards of the land!