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The 2023 Online Market Season has begun! 

Every week, registered customers (type: Online Farmers Market) receive weekly email reminders ahead of each order period. Order on Mondays at 8 AM to Tuesdays at noon for pick up on Thursdays! 

Our Wholesale carts are open every Tuesday at one through Wednesday at 5:00 PM. 

Field to Family is an educational nonprofit food hub that connects students and educators to local food and farmers and works to expand access to local food for more people in the community through the purchase, aggregation, storage, marketing and delivery of fresh, safe, local food.  

Ordering from Field to Family helps build a stronger and more secure community food system by supporting local farmers and making healthy, local food more widely available. Check out our website for more information on our programs. Click on Shop! on this page to order local foods!



There are many ways to support the Online Farmers Market, including volunteering, donating/lending tables and shelves and making a monetary donation. Click "Support the market" to learn more about all the ways you can help.


Field to Family is proud to manage the aggregation, storage, distribution and marketing of local, source-identified, food for wholesale customers as a nonprofit food hub. We work with early care centers, k-12 schools, retirement communities, colleges, universities and other institutions to help make local food part of meals where people eat everyday.

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